Herefordshire Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs is affiliated to the National Federation (NFYFC), one of the largest voluntary rural youth organisations in the UK, dedicated to young people who have a love for agriculture and rural life.

Led by young people, for young people, Young Farmers' Clubs provide their members, aged 10 to 26, with a unique opportunity to develop skills,  promote learning, to work with their local communities and to travel abroad, whilst  taking part in a varied and fun competitions programme and enjoying a dynamic social life.

YFC has been in operation since the 1940's in Herefordshire as a registered Charity, open to members  across the County not just from a farming background, but to anyone who appreciates the Countryside and enjoys rural life.  Each year members throughout the County have gone on to compete in County, Regional and National rounds winning prestigious awards  at all levels, as well as gaining valuable skills, important contacts and friends for life.






Young Farmers Clubs provide an opportunity for young people to develop, to learn and to enjoy themselves by offering a diverse, fun and educational programme of activities planned by members, for members. 

Herefordshire  is  made up of 18 Clubs based throughout the County  for members to join,  these are supported by the County Federation made up of the  County Officers Team who take the lead  on organising competitions, events and training,  the County in turn feeds in to Area and National for members to progress and  input into.     A varied Competitions programme is held each year and   includes some of the following areas members can take part in:

Cookery,  Baking and Cake Decorating

Crafts and Needlework

Fence Erecting , Hedging and  Ploughing

First Aid and Health & Safety

Floral Art

Fun competions such as Fancy Dress, Soapbox racing and Egg Whisking

Performing Arts, Music and Dance

  Photography and Art   

Public Speaking and Employment Skills

Stockjudging and Shearing

Sports  including Tug Of War

Welding, Metalwork and Woodwork

Workshop Skills

Competitions are held in a variety of locations including local farms, schools and at the Annual Three Counties Show in June.   All competions and events are run by the members and assisted by a large group of volunteers who help with Judging, Stewarding, Catering and so much more.


Training opportunities are also made available to members in various skills to aid competing and to further their education and qualifications.  Training has been taken in  First Aid, Food Hygiene, Poultry Boning and Jointing,  Trailer tests and more opportunities  are looked in to each year by the Officers.      NFYFC also offer Curve Module Training for Club members to become an accredited trainer and  deliver the workshops to Clubs as part of their club programme, including a certificate of completion.  This includes topics such as Farm Safety, Event Budgeting,  Social Media, Cash Management, Alcohol Awareness and so on. 

The Princes Countryside Fund supports training opportunities for HFYFC members and is open to YFC members up to age 40 to gain funding towards the costs of any training that will improve their employability, increase  their  skill set, improve their safety or allow them  to undertake extra responsibility in their current job. More information can be obtained from Herefordshire Rural Hub who administer this scheme with HFYFC.

As well as a varied programme of Competitions and Training, members also take part in  Social and Fundraising Events organised by Clubs and County  in support of HFYFC, as well as fundraising for other Charities.   These events have included the Annual Chairman's Ball and Rally Dance, Nightclub evenings,  Quiz Nights, Race Nights, Big Breakfast's,  Bingo, and more.   

Promotion of what HFYFC does and it's events is also dealt with in house by the Officers, as well as obtaining sponsorship from local businesses to assist in the running of competitions and events.  If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please see our Support Us page.

Members can gain benefits from National,   including member only deals  for events, subscriptions, training,  activities and shopping.  Please see the NFYFC website for more details on member benefits.     

As well as this, NFYFC offers a varied Travel Programme giving members the opportunity to travel abroad  with homestays, working scholarships, Club exchanges, hosting, team travel and  the annual ski trip. Members have had the opportunity to try    things like tackling the white water rapids in Canada, helping out in an ice cream factory in Sweden, shearing sheep in New Zealand and building schools in Uganda.   

There are more opportunities open to members through NFYFC and for the next generation of farmers voices to be heard on  rural and agricultural issues affecting all Counties. 

For more information on Young Farmers' Clubs and the opportunities open to members please visit the NFYFC website.     


The County Federation is made up of elected County Officers from the Clubs, who take on the roles of  County Chairman and Vice, with a team of Chairs and Vices to oversee each County Committee and the responsibilty    for running the various aspects of the competitions and events year.  The Competitions and Membership year starts each September and overlaps with October finishing with the County Annual General Meeting. 

Each Committee is made up of the elected Officers with member representatives from each Club to input their ideas and feedback into running  the year, along with  selected representatives from the Federation to support members and officers in these roles.  County committees are also supported by County Staff and the  Officers work closely with staff to ensure all aspects of the annual programme are covered. 

Each Club is affiliated to the County Federation and elects members to represent them at County level.  All club member representatives are involved in putting ideas forward for the County  programme and the nominated Officers are tasked with the responsibility for organising it, as at Club level.

With a vast programme of competitions, events, training, promotion, sponsorship and fundraising to organise, Officers learn on the job how to event manage, how to work withtin a team, how to be responsible, to set a good example and to pass their knowledge on to their Vice Officers to train them for the year ahead if elected in as the next Chair/s.

Officers gain a wide range of skills taking responsibility for the Federation in their year in post and aim to inspire the next generation of members to take on these roles in the future to progress the standards and encourage more  involvement of young people in the rural community.

Officers and Clubs are also supported by Vice Presidents and Life Vice Presidents who are generally past experienced YFC members.  The Federation is also presided over by the HFYFC County President, who takes an active role in  guiding and assisting the whole team.

The following HFYFC Committees oversee the running of the Federation:






Junior Forum



The Junior Forum Committee is run by the Junior members ages 10-16 who input in to the annual Junior Field Day competitions and events for the younger members. 

Task Groups are also set up for certain events to enable them to be managed more specifically. 

More details on how each committee works and information on Task Groups can be found on the Committees page.

HFYFC has 18 Clubs  across the County, with over 600 members spanning the rural area running events, training and competitions for their members, feeding in to the County, Area and National Competitions and Events programme.

Club meetings usually take place weekly or fortnightly depending on the Clubs needs, this may vary.  Clubs are organised and run by their YFC members. Each year the  Club elects Club Officers to take responsibility for the Club on behalf of its members and organise the activities for their members to take part in.  Weekly meetings can range from talks and trips, to preparing for competitions or fundraising for  a  charity. 

The Club Officers have overall responsibility for that Young Farmers’ Club and the activities members take part in.  As at County level, all  Club members are involved in putting ideas forward for the Club programme and a nominated few are tasked with the responsibility for organising it.

Roles within the Clubs include: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Programme Secretary and Club Leaders.  Generally, the Young Farmers’ Club programme is planned seasonally to include a mixture of practical hands-on activities, training and competition practice as well as inviting guest speakers to give talks on topical subjects and local issues. 

In addition to the Club Officers, there is a dedicated team of adult volunteers who are elected to help support the Young Farmers’ Club with activities such as fundraising, the activities programme and helping the YFC members develop new skills and opportunities. The efforts of all these people are co-ordinated by the Club Officers.  All adult volunteers within YFC are screened for suitability using safe recruitment procedures set out in the NFYFC Safeguarding Policy.  Please see the Documents page for more details.

For more information on Clubs in your area, please visit our Clubs Page.

You can download a current HFYFC Membership Form and any other relevant paperwork from our Resources section.


The County Officers team and the County Office take responsibility for drawing up competition paperwork and information to be passed on to Clubs to enable them to compete and to instruct their Members on rules, requirements, results and awards, training needs, safeguarding, planning,  event information and more.   

Competition Rules and Entry Forms, Results and Important Documents, including Membership Forms and Parental Consent Forms,  can be found via  the  Resources  page or by contacting the County Office.  If you require anything further, please use our Contact Form to get in touch.