County Federation

Membership starts each September and overlaps with October, finishing with the County Annual General Meeting. 

The County Federation is made up of elected County Officers from the Clubs, who take on the roles of  County Chairman and Vice, with a team of Chairs and Vices to oversee each County Committee and the responsibility for running the various aspects of the competitions and events year. 

Each Committee is made up of the elected Officers with member representatives from each Club to input their ideas and feedback into running the year, along with selected representatives from the Federation to support members and officers in these roles.  County committees are also supported by County Staff and the  Officers work closely with staff to ensure all aspects of the annual programme are covered.

Each club is affiliated with the County Federation and elects members to represent them at the County level.  All club member representatives are involved in putting ideas forward for the County programme and the nominated Officers are tasked with the responsibility for organising it, as at Club level.

With a vast programme of competitions, events, training, promotion, sponsorship and fundraising to organise, Officers learn on the job how to event manage, how to work within a team, how to be responsible, to set a good example and to pass their knowledge on to their Vice Officers to train them for the year ahead if elected in as the next Chair/s.

Officers gain a wide range of skills taking responsibility for the Federation in their year in post and aim to inspire the next generation of members to take on these roles in the future to progress the standards and encourage more involvement of young people in the rural community.

Officers and Clubs are also supported by Vice Presidents and Life Vice Presidents who are generally past experienced YFC members.  The Federation is also presided over by the HFYFC County President, who takes an active role in guiding and assisting the whole team.

The following HFYFC Committees oversee the running of the Federation:






Junior Forum



The Junior Forum Committee is run by the Junior members ages 10-16 who input into the annual Junior Field Day competitions and events for the younger members.

Task Groups are also set up for certain events to enable them to be managed more specifically. 

More details on how each committee works and information on Task Groups can be found on the Committees page.